David Furdui – An act of great courage

David is 17 years old, and he did something that not many teenagers have the courage to do: he escaped from the child protection authorities in Germany, who were holding him and his siblings prisoners, and fled to Romania.

David could no longer bear the conditions in which he had been placed by the Jugendamt for more than a year and a half, the abuse his family was subjected to, and he decided it was time to do something.

For the safety of his family, David kept his plan secret, and what was supposed to be an ordinary day turned out to be an adrenaline-filled and successful one for him. He took his fate into his own hands and fled from Germany to Romania, over 1,000 km, believing that at 17 years of age, his wish should be taken into account.

David is serene today, happy to be reunited with his grandparents, whom he missed and had been forbidden to visit, although he had repeatedly asked for it. He is safe and eager to resume his teenage life that was abruptly halted by the Jugendamt.

Although he is far from his family, David thinks of his siblings and parents and is determined to help them reunite to the best of his ability. The following is a statement from David: “I am happy with this decision. I didn’t want to wait on the Jugendamt anymore. I waited long enough for them expecting them to return the parental rights to my parents and to be allowed to return home. I would also like to help my brothers. I want them to be sent home as soon as possible because they are suffering a lot.”

However, the Jugendamt Heidekreis still accuses the Furdui parents for David’s escape to Romania – something that is totally incomprehensible to us.

David, we are impressed by your courage. We are glad that you are happy and safe. Furthermore, we appreciate that you want to help your family and be together again. Be blessed!

Furdui Initiative Team

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