Missionary Report – Besoiu Family – Mongolia

I call you by your name, because of Jacob My servant and Israel My chosen one. I give a name to you, though you do not know Me.

Isaiah 45:4

In Mongolian culture, names hold great importance. Parents often choose names that speak of the character traits they desire for their children. For example: Altantsetseg (golden flower), Ariunbold (holy/pure+steel), Tömörbaatar (iron+hero), Narantuyaa (sunbeam), and other combinations that include words like Mönkh (eternal), Erdene (treasure), Saikhan (beautiful), Oyuun (mind/intelligence), Altan (gold), or Enkh (peace).

There are also names that serve the purpose of confusing spirits or making it difficult to associate a child with a name so that spirits cannot attack them, such as Nergüi (nameless), Enebish (not this one), or Ogtbish (absolutely not).
In this letter, we will share some news from our ministry, starting from the names of individuals, projects and places places.


This is the title of the course that the students of the MAG Bible school completed in the fall of 2023 and then took to schools from December to March to challenge young people and teenagers to abstain until marriage and give up unhealthy habits. We praise the Lord for the open doors and the over 400 students who have participated in the seminar so far, with many making a commitment to abstinence.

The students of the Bible school upon completing the “No Regrets” course for coordinators.


This is the name of the Mongolian church we are a part of and serve in. Since fall, we have divided into 5 groups for Bible study and discipleship where we encourage each other to grow spiritually, obey the Lord, and also engage in practical service during Sunday meetings with the church, or by visiting families during Christmas or Lunar New Year, and more.

Our small Bible study group

“ERDENEBAATAR” (translated as “precious hero”)

This is the name of the AoG pastor from Nalaikh for whom we encouraged you to pray and donate in the month of February. He has liver cancer and is scheduled to undergo a liver transplant in South Korea. Together with the Andreica family, who visited us for a week at the beginning of March, we visited him, prayed for Pastor Erdenebaatar and his family, and shared from the generosity of the brothers and sisters from Bethlehem Church in Watford, UK. May the Lord continue to work towards his complete healing!

Visiting pastor Erdenbaatar with Andreica family


is the name of the course from the book of Acts that I taught in March to the first years students of the Mongolian Assemblies of God Bible School. For 3 weeks, we studied the beginnings of the early church, how the Holy Spirit used the apostles to build the church of Christ, and found important principles for personal life and ministry in the local church.

John and the students that took the course on Acts

DARKHAN CITY (meaning “craftsman”)

is the third largest in Mongolia with a population of approximately 80,000 inhabitants. Between March 25th and 30th, together with 2 Mongolians from the Simply Mobilizing team, we organized a Kairos course here, attended by 22 believers from local churches and another 8 participants online. We praise the Lord for His help and for the passion for evangelism and mission that He places in the hearts of His children. Truly, this is a Kairos time, one providentially prepared by God, for His church in Mongolia to understand its place and calling in the plan of the Lord.

Facilitators and graduates of the Kairos course


is the designation for the disaster caused by a wave of extreme cold during a severe winter, leading to the death of many animals. This winter, it has snowed more than in the last 49 years. The accumulated snow, the extreme cold (-40°C / 32°F), and the nomadic lifestyle have led to the death of nearly 6 million (8% of the total number) of domestic animals. Many families have lost half or even more of their herds.

A hard winter in Mongolia that caused many families to lose many of their flocks


• The peace and harmony in the “Full Life” church, the ministry team, and the Lord’s help in planning this year’s ministry;
• John has completed his master’s studies;
• A brother from Singapore will take over the leadership of the Story Hub center;
• After a long winter, signs of spring are beginning to appear;
• The consistency and love with which you support us.

Reasons for intercession

  • The spring practice of the Bible school students (April 22 – May 3), when divided into 3 teams, we will serve in 3 locations in evangelism, edification, and encouragement of the believers;
  • Three more Kairos / TheUnfinishedStory courses that will be organized in April by the Simply Mobilizing team;
  • The Alpha course for the young people of the international church, that they will meet the Lord, have faith and be saved.

We thank all of you who pray for us and contribute to the work of the Lord in Mongolia. May the Lord’s blessing be upon you, your families, and the churches you are part of! And may your names, known to God, be remembered when He says, “Well done, good and faithful servant, […] enter into the joy of your master.” (Matthew 25:21)

With much love, The Besoiu Family
Ulaanbaatar, April 3, 2024

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