Kenya is a country in Eastern Africa. Its total population is 53,492,000 inhabitants out of which 43,991,000 are Christians.

Maybe one would ask: why pray for a country where Christianity is the majority religion?

Unfortunately, Christians are still persecuted, especially those in the region known as Greater Somalia in the northeastern Kenya where 90% of the population is ethnically Somali and fervently Muslim. There are also several tribal groups in the north that remain largely unreached. The most persecuted Christians are the ones that have a Muslim background and/or are missionaries; they are often threatened, attacked and some of them have even been killed.

Even though the constitution grants every citizen freedom of religion, the local governments in resistant areas are led by Muslim officials who fail to take measures against persecutors.

Let us pray for the unreached tribal groups that need to hear about Jesus. Let us pray that God will change the officials’ hearts so that they will protect the rights of every Christian believer. Let us pray for Kenya!

Thank you,

Genesis Mission

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