On our missionary journey, the next stop is VIETNAM.

We stand in prayer before the Throne of God to intercede not only for our brothers in Christ but also for those who lead the country of Vietnam.

We cannot even imagine how strong the devil’s power is in this country.

We want to give you just a small example to motivate you to pray.

One of the Christians arrested for participating in a demonstration in favor of the religious freedom said she had been interrogated and tortured in prison.

“I was interrogated at any time, even in the middle of the night.

The cops got drunk, woke me up, interrogated me and beat me.

When they took me out for questioning, they would handcuff me.

They used electric shocks every time they questioned me.

They used them on my feet, telling me that I used these feet to go to demonstrations, “said one of the victims of the abuse. She remained partially deaf after being repeatedly punched in her ears.

It’s awful for us to just read about them.

How terrifying it is for the Christians there who actually live there.

By kneeling together in prayer, we can draw God’s mercy across the land.

Thank you,

The Genesis Mission

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