Iran is on the 9th place on the list of the most persecuted countries in the world, a list made by the Open Doors organization. However, the statistics say that God has opened a door to evangelize Persian-speaking refugees in Europe and to plant churches in Iran.

Every day there are people who want to surrender their lives to the Lord Jesus.

Here is the simple testimony of a new convert: “I never thought I could find deliverance from my past, but Jesus gave me true deliverance.”

These statistics tell us about Christianity as it begins to grow more than we thought years ago. The fact that two hundred Iranians and Afghans have recently converted from Islam to Christianity is indeed a great deal. All of them being baptized.

According to, the new converts shared their testimonies of how Jesus saved their lives.

Here is Mark Howard’s statement from Elam Ministries:

“Twenty years ago, there were about 2,000-5,000 believers in Iran, but today there are about 300,000-400,000 Christians. A very surprising number!

The question is: “Is this success also because of those who pray for this country? Certainly yes.

We ask you to continue to stand with those who are missionaries there and with those who have chosen to be missionaries through prayer for this country. Let us pray for the Christians in this country. Let us pray for the missionaries and for the leadership of the country.

Thank you!

Rev. Ilie U. Tomuta

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