Thanksgiving Message


Dearest missionaries and partners of Genesis Mission,

Fourteen years have passed since we started working together to expand God’s Kingdom. Every year was marked by great blessings and opportunities that we never expected. The Genesis family has increased its number with new missionaries that work in different parts of the world. Furthermore, God prepared churches and individuals to support the missionaries and projects we are sponsoring in various countries. Through the work of spreading the Gospel, we were able to reach different parts of the world, which we’ve never imagined. We are honored to serve together, and it is a great joy for us every time somebody decides to open their heart and help Genesis family. Your contributions, big or small, has opened many doors for us to serve and get involved in new projects to help the poor.

The projects we help and support financially and spiritually through your love and generosity are the following:

  • Missionaries: India, Philippine, Mongolia, Madagascar, Israel, Kenya, Greece, Namibia, Turkey, Peru, Etiopia, Macedonia, Uganda, Kosovo
  • Church building projects: Romania, India, Peru, Mozambique, Madagascar
  • Orphanages: Romania, India, Kenya, Madagascar, Mozambique, Nicaragua
  • Mass Media
  • Prisons: Romania, U.S.A
  • Sponsorship for ITPB 
  • Missionary school sponsorship
  • Leprosy churches from India and Madagascar
  • Genesis Mission Magazin

I would like to take the opportunity at this Thanksgiving Holiday, and say a few words of gratitude to our missionaries, Romanian and American evangelical churches, families and individuals who have been working with us all these years. To be a missionary means to be at the service of God, in the place that God sent you to serve, and follow His directions, doing everything for His Glory.

For us, it is a great honor and privilege to be part of your missionary work in many parts of the world, and help you spread the Gospel. As a missionary organization, we’ve always strived to be close to our missionaries, to fast with you, pray with you, and give you financial support and spiritual encouragement. We are doing everything in our power to give you a sense of hope, to take away the loneliness and isolation feelings that you may have, and show you that we love you and care for you! Our visits to you, the constant communication between us, helped us understand your needs better and develop a godly relationship.

For you, the ones who understood the calling of God to support the missionary work, we have the most grateful and noble feelings!

Your prayers, as churches, families and friends, has helped our missionaries to feel love and appreciation for their work in the Gospel field. For the orphans, you were the hand that wiped away their tears. For the ones who were worshipping under a tree, you were a miracle from Heaven. For our brothers and sisters who are suffering with leprosy, you were a healing balm. Every single one of you has been called to bless others who have needs. Your gifts, generosity, your prayers and spiritual support has brought a lot of joy, and it spread God’s love in the lives of so many needy people.

To all of you, we are grateful for all of your efforts throughout these fourteen years!

We hope, that our collaboration will bring to life the words of Jesus: Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven” ( Matthew 5:16)

With deep gratitude we thank you and wish you a blessed and Happy Thanksgiving!


With gratefulness and appreciation,

Rev. Ilie U. Tomuta

Dir. Genesis Mission


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