Louis Trinca – January 2024 Update

“But the Helper, the Holy Spirit whom the Father will send in My name, He will teach you all things, and remind you of all that I said to you.”
(John‬ ‭14‬:‭26‬, ‭NASB2020‬‬)

Thank you all for your consistent support through prayer, finances, and words of encouragement.

As you sow, I pray God fills you and blesses you in every way.

As I prayed and fasted seeking the next step from Jesus for this year, the Holy Spirit spoke to me so clearly and said, “Louis, honor me by what you’ve been taught.” At that moment, I was staring at the cross in my living room, and I knew I was supposed to start carrying the cross on my “own.”

The next day, I started to carry the cross. I carried in nearby neighborhoods and cities. This month I carried in Mesquite, Watauga, and Southlake Texas.

I did my first cross trip out-of-state apart from Christ’s Reward and carried the cross for 3 days in downtown Atlanta, Georgia. In addition, I joined Upper Room Church and 33rd Company in going out on the streets, door knocking, and sharing the Good News of Jesus.


Carrying the Cross: Mesquite, Texas
A young man, Jasper, was crossing the road. I offered prayer. He was looking for a job and was having a hard time finding one. I shared the Gospel. Asked if he ever gave his life to Jesus, he said, “I used to smoke, so when I stopped all of that I felt healthier.” I went through some Bible verses to explain making Jesus Lord. I asked if he wanted to surrender his life to Jesus that day and he did right in the middle of the road.

Carrying the Cross: Watauga, Texas
Randel approached me as I carried the cross. He was very emotional. He picked up the back of the cross and started to carry it with me. After we briefly carried it a short distance, I put the cross down and talked to him. He pulled over into a parking lot. He was in his car, not doing well, going through a divorce. Then he saw me carrying the cross and was moved. “Sometimes I think I have it bad, and then I see the cross and I’m reminded how much worse Jesus had it on the cross.”

Carrying the Cross: Southlake, Texas
Dwayne got out and approached me to ask what I was doing. We talked. He had a business and lost it all. People betrayed him. He moved from North Carolina. He looked for work and got a trucking hire very quickly. They normally advertised various things he’s not comfortable with. However, they also advertised 2 ministries, and he got selected to drive the truck that advertised, “The Chosen.” His work consists of pulling into an area waiting about 15 minutes, and driving to another location. He doubted about pulling into the current parking lot and even doubted if he was living out God’s will. Then he saw the cross and said, “Yep, this is a sign I’m doing what I’m supposed to be doing.” When I saw the truck, I had a similar thought, “Yup, I’m supposed to be carrying the cross in this location.” God used both of us for confirmation.

Carrying the Cross: Atlanta, Georgia
I carried the cross a total of 26 miles in 3 days. As I carried through various parts of downtown, many people saw the cross. Students from Georgia State, government officials from the state capital, and thousands on the highway during rush hour. The Holy Spirit moved powerfully as 7 people surrendered their lives to Jesus.

  • As I began to carry, my first encounter was with a guy who wanted to touch the cross. Pulled out a sheet of paper from his wallet and started reading a Bible verse. I asked him if he ever surrendered to Jesus and before I could say anything else, he prayed and surrendered his life to Jesus. In the last encounter, a homeless lady was distressed. I gave her some snacks and prayed for her. She had a lot of family hurt. The Holy Spirit touched her. I shared the Gospel and with tears in her eyes, she gave her life to Jesus. The Lord healed and delivered her from pain in her heart.
  • KJ and Samuel were working and they saw me. They were believers. KJ said, “Seeing you has made me want to go back to church. I haven’t been in a minute.” I prayed and shared my testimony and the Gospel. His final words were, “Man, that’s deep stuff right there.” The Lord was moving in his heart.
  • I crossed paths with a homeless guy named David. There was a pile of clothes on the street and he was digging through them. Gave him a snack bar and asked if he wanted prayer. Prayed for him. He had given his life to Jesus when he was younger but fell away. As I was sharing the Gospel with him before prayer, a lady Tiffany started digging through the clothes as well. She overheard me sharing the Gospel with David and wanted to pray and give her life to Jesus as well. The Holy Spirit drew another soul into the conversation which led to multiple salvations.

Prayer Requests

  • The spread of the Gospel, salvation for lost souls, and discipleship
  • Healing for my sister Ester from cancer
  • Leading a Faith Trip Feb. 2-4 to Oklahoma City
  • Carrying the Cross in Colorado Feb. 7-12
  • Speaking at a Fellowship Christian Athlete event in Iowa on Feb. 17-18

Genesis Mission Conference: Chicago, Illinois

Finally, I was invited to attend a mission event held by Genesis Mission and hosted by the church I attended growing up, Philadelphia Romanian Church of God, in Chicago, Illinois.

by Louis Trinca

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