Romania Mission March 2023

There is therefore now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus. For the law of the Spirit of life has set you free in Christ Jesus from the law of sin and death.
Romans 8:1-2 ESV

Good tidings and a fruitful spring to all reading this.

I pray this month finds you excited about the seasonal change. Join me for a bit, to think about the seeds you’d like to grow and bear fruit this year. I love to read the scriptures that reference the seeds that are planted from the Holy Spirit. It’s an exciting time for us a ministry because the Holy Spirit is doing exciting things. Our youth here but also in the U.S. are hearing God’s call to repentance and we all share in the beautiful moment of souls committing or recommitting themselves to walk in the salvation and grace of Jesus Christ our Lord.

Our church Wednesday nights are bible study times and we finished the book of Isaiah. We witnessed a time in which God rebuked the nations of Judah and other people groups but also pronounced a time of reconciliation. As I was praying over this newsletter and observing the seasonal change, I thought to encourage you all to look into your relationships and seek out reconciliation. My friends, I don’t know if this word is directly for you and you probably have no need to reconcile a relationship because you all are diligent in living out the Word of God, but maybe this is a word for someone who simply needs to look and ask and seek out if there maybe a relationship in strain that needs healing and should be reflecting a unity in the Holy Sprit. 

Our Wednesday night bible study then decided to take a closer look at the tactics that the devil uses through scripture. It was amazing to see how God foils the devils plans regardless of his deceit and appetite for destruction. We know that we have an adversary, the evil one, which walks about like a lion, seeking to devour anyone he can (1 Peter 5:8,Matthew 13:19). He has tactics and is active in destroying our relationship with God. We should therefore also, be active in mending our relationships that may have been subject to influence by the liar and deceiver. I encourage you all to leave no foothold for the devil to work (Ephesians 4:27) especially in our relationships with family, the church, and our community. 

Our youth have been focusing on the importance of prayer, the cultivation of a contrite spirit, an honest and sober look at the Sin within us, and it has born good fruit. We had a wonderful experience one Saturday afternoon of simply asking for forgiveness and cleansing from the Holy Spirit because we don’t treat our Sin as the cause of what put Jesus on the Cross. It was a move of the Spirit, and the following week we enjoyed a prayer walk through the village and simply concentrated on praying over different aspects of village life that the youth felt was Good. Some of the prayers were for the poor families and some were for protection from natural disasters. All the prayers were heard by the Lord and all the time was a step of faith to draw closer to God for these wonderful young people. 

In our last newsletter I asked that you lift us up in prayer because of sicknesses and other ailments that were affecting our family. Thank you for those prayers because we feel better and healthier now. We thank you for your partnership which allows us to be committed to bringing the word of God to young people. God bless you all with all the goodness found in the Holy Spirit.

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Holy Spirit Vision

  • To teach youth that they are supernaturally loved by God, they are sons and daughters of God and that they have a special dream to fulfill in the kingdom of God.
  • To train Men to live out their lives as worship in the Holy Spirit and to have freedom from the pains and bondage of sin. 
  • To reach the families in the Romanesti Village with the Gospel

Please Pray for us…

* Pray for our family as it travels March 31st to Oradea to visit family and friends
* Pray for the youth group that they may have experiences with God through His word on Saturdays
*Pray for Tasha who is in the states to work for a few months to help Emerald with her college tuition
* Praise the Lord with us for securing Tasha’s Visa, only Emerald and Adriana are pending
* Praise the Lord for the move of the Holy Spirit to repent in our youth 
* Praise the Lord with us for all that He has done in this last year.
  – Funded our mission for 5 years in Romania
  – An apartment that allows us to maintain our tight budget
  – Youth eager to walk with God

Listen to Doru’s message on FaceBook by clicking above titled “It’s not how hard you can hit, but how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward. How much you can take and keep moving forward” -quote from Rocky Balboa 2006.

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