God writes straight with crooked lines

The glory of God lies in hiding things

The year 2021 has passed and some of us want to break some tabs from the calendar and stop thinking about them. Others just want to change the page from 2021 to 2022 and move on. Both of us are frustrated by some of the things that have gone on in our lives. We were frustrated because some of our plans did not fit in with what God had in mind. We were disappointed with some of the answers to our prayers or the fact that we did not receive any answers today. We would like to avoid such unpleasant situations in our lives in 2022. We want God to take our agenda into account. It is certain that He sometimes does, but otherwise we may be even more dissatisfied if He does as we please. The truth is, He never does anything without a purpose.

Most of the time we struggle with questions that bring even more suffering into our lives. We want to know why He claims to be right, and we can see that everything seems crooked. How can it be true that all things work for the good of us, of those who love Him? When we say that “God writes straight with crooked lines, we must understand that we are dealing with a God whose thoughts are as far away from us as heaven on earth. We can see this in the lives of many of the people we find in the pages of the Holy Scriptures. In general, when God gives us a blessing, we are ready to say: and that it would be well for us to always write in straight lines. ” With such a God we could always boast. The question is: How do we react when God works in our life using methods that do not fit our expectations at all? What do we do when it seems to us that God is writing in our own right with crooked lines?

Here are just a few examples of how we can clearly see God’s way of working with us in order to be perfect:

God is always right even when it seems crooked.


It seems that when he was only three months old, God began to write crookedly toward him. He was just a baby who didn’t know what was going on with him. Next to him was a mother who was totally crushed by what was being planned with him. It was clear that God was writing crooked lines about the life of that baby. Moses must be placed in a coffin and placed on the Nile. Can today’s mothers imagine what such a decision means?

Didn’t God really have another method? Yes. He had, but this is how He works, writes straight with crooked lines, and thus forms Moses for the work of the future. But those around him did not think so. Everyone could say that God writes crooked lines in this man’s life. They were all strange methods by which God fulfilled his plan with him. God wrote right through everything he did with Moses, but not everyone around him did. “God’s glory lies in hiding things.” 


It is another example of how God shows everyone that He does what is right, even if it is far from our understanding. Joseph’s whole life is a miracle of God through which He becomes what God pursued. God wrote straight, but to Joseph’s father and his brothers, everything seemed crooked. God always has the last word.


Job is the man with whom God boasts before the whole universe. In order for God to boast about Job, he had to let God write in completely crooked lines. Job ends up losing everything and being rejected by those closest to him. This is something that the human mind is too hard to understand. And yet God wrote right in Job’s life.

The Lord Jesus Christ

Can the human mind believe that God wrote right through the events in which He as the Son of God was to pass? This is probably the most astonishing example of how God can be written right, but with crooked lines in everything He suffers. It was right for man to receive the punishment after the fall, but not for Him, the Son of God, to be punished in our place. The cry on the cross was something like this: “Father, if this cup can be passed,” translated in our language it would be something like this: “Father, in all that you allow, is it right?” Do you not write with crooked lines about me as a Son? ”

God is always perfect in what He does, even if we do not see or understand.

“Woe unto him that is perverse in his ways, and cometh to the righteousness of God.”

Psalm 34:19

That’s how God works.

Rev. Ilie U. Tomuta

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