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I want to share one of many significant events I experienced during my many trips to Romania. I went to preach in a remote village about 90 minutes from Oradea. After preaching in the small remote village church and having lunch with the pastor and his wife, I was told that I was being taken to meet with a group in a nearby village. I did not know what to expect. I was told I would have just one hour with them, as we had to be back for the Sunday evening service. We drove about 15 miles into the country, then up into the hills over rough dirt roads to a remote village. We stopped at a house and went inside. I found a group of people sitting in a small room in a circle, waiting for me.

Sitting together in the room were several children, two ladies and one gentlemen. They were the only Christians in the village. This group had been meeting against the wishes of family members and the local Orthodox church.

They had nowhere indoors to meet, so they had become a ‘house’ church, meeting regularly in the home.

One of the children had prayed to God that He would give them a room to meet in, and a Pastor to come and teach them about God.

As I wondered what to share, I went to John 3 and began to talk about the children of Israel and Moses with the serpent in the wilderness. But the translator stopped me and said in broken English, ‘They do not know who or what Israel was and they do not know who Moses was’. I was grieved and moved in my heart, as I realized that here was a group that knew nothing at all. What was I to do?I decided to do what Paul did in Acts 17 when faced with a people who knew nothing. I shared the same truths as he did, and then went back and explained who Israel and Moses were.Then I went on to John 3, explaining the serpent in the wilderness and that the Son of God was put on a pole like that to die for sinners.I closed by exhorting them to put all their trust in Christ and give themselves to him.I then taught them a children’s chorus which they could remember long after I would be gone. When I closed, I did not know what to do. The children were dirty, ragged, beautiful Romanian children, who wanted to know about Christ. As I drove away, I could hardly take it in, that God had given me the unspeakable privilege, at least once in my life, of doing what Paul did many times — telling the good news of Jesus Christ to some who had never, ever heard anything at all of the gospel.I shall never forget it. There are many other outstanding experiences in Romania and Eastern Europe during my travels; but none for me compared to that of meeting with a ‘house’ church of that small group of adults and children.

Pray for them please. And pray for me, that I will never get over it!

Don R. Chavis, Europe’s Child Missions

Europe’s Child Missions – Don Chavis

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