Prayer for Uzbekistan and Myanmar

The ways we can best help the persecuted Christians are through prayer and fasting. Are we spiritually mature enough to come before God through prayer and fasting for our brothers and sisters in Christ?

Today they are the ones that are being persecuted. Tomorrow may be our turn.

All Christians in Uzbekistan and Myanmar suffer a more or less intense form of persecution. The Russian Orthodox Church is the least persecuted Christian Church, and it is the one that engages the least in missionary activities.

Christians converted from Islam as well as believers from other communities, face police raids, threats, arrests, interrogations, fines and confiscation of religious materials. Microphones are placed in their homes, their phones calls are being listened to, and various people infiltrate Christian groups in order to find out as much as possible about the Christian activities.

 Thank you for praying for the persecuted Christians in Uzbekistan and Myanmar.

Genesis Mission

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