We are traveling from country to country to stand with the persecuted Christians.

This week’s stop is Egypt and we want to find out what kind of challenges the Christians and the missionaries are facing in this country.

We are talking about a country where Christian attacks are very frequent, especially around Christian holidays such as Easter or Christmas.

Attacks always cause a lot of casualties.

Christians from Muslim families face daily pressure from their families.

Women face discrimination and abuse both in public and at the workplace.

The burning and destruction of houses or churches, rapes, kidnappings have become daily events for many Christians in this country.

Despite all of these situations, the rate of conversion to evangelical Christianity is increasing.

Let us pray for those in charge of this country.

Let’s pray for the Christians who live in Egypt.

Let’s pray for the missionaries who are risking their lives for Christ!

Thank you!

Rev. Ilie U. Tomuta

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