Nigeria needs prayer

A missionary trip through prayer to Nigeria is not the same as a vacation time spent there.

Once we decide to pray for this country, the forces of hell will not remain silent.

There will be all kinds of obstacles.

The devil knows that once we kneel, God is ready to help us.

When we pray HE listens, HE answers.

Nigeria is often referred to as the “Giant of Africa” ​​due to its large population. It is the most populous country in Africa, ranking seventh in the world with a population of 174 million. It also has the largest African economy, surpassing South Africa’s economy five years ago. From a religious point of view, half of the people of Nigeria are Christians living in the south and center of the country and the other half Muslims, in northern and southwestern regions.

  • Persecution is something that persists among Christians in Nigeria.
  • They need God’s intervention.
  • Missionaries need Christians to keep their hands up and for the Gospel to flourish.
  • The leaders of the country need to be touched by God.

We call you to prayer and fasting for this country.

Thank you!

Rev. Ilie U. Tomuta

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