This week we are travelling in prayer to Syria. The needs of this country are many, and it seems that we as Christians, are always extremely tired.

Here is some information about Syria, the country that we want to pray for.

The situation of Syria is critical. The inhabitants of that region, about 1.8 million people, still urgently need humanitarian support. Almost 70,000 people are constantly being moved from one place to another due to military operations. Another 90,000 people live in refugee camps, out of which 66,000 in the Al Hol camp. At least 850,000 people in urgent need have received aid from Syria in 2019, but the number of people in need has increased considerably since then. The United Nations urges stakeholders, and of course the Syrian government, to ensure reliable and adequate supply lines in the north-east region of the country. All these needs must be taken into account, but the greatest need is for Syria to turn its face to God. Syria needs Jesus Christ!

Let’s pray:

  • For those who are at the helm of Syria.
  • For the small number of Christians in Syria.
  • For missionaries serving there in extremely dangerous conditions.

Thank you!

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