Somalia – Reasons for prayer

We live in a fast-paced, hectic world.

Every day we prove by what we do, how eager we are to earn an increasingly prosperous life.

Despite us chasing after the wind, God is looking for simple people in order to turn them into giants of prayer, of repentance.

Have we ever thought that we are some of these people? He wants us giants. He wants us to kneel so we can reach the sky. Standing on our feet we will prove daily what we are capable of. Standing on our knees, we can see what God is able to make through us.

He is always looking for people who want to be guided by Him in preaching the Gospel to the ends of the earth.

Together with the Genesis Mission, you can travel in prayer to SOMALIA, the country where religious persecution reaches its peak.

The capital of Somalia is Mogadishu, whose president is Hassan Sheikh Mohamud. This man needs a complete change of heart. Somalia is the country where the Constitution defines Islam as the only religion.

Form of government: Federal-parliamentary republic.

Ethnic division: 85% Somalis-Benadiris, 15% Bantus and other minorities.

The main group of Christians in Somalia is represented by the former Muslims who have turned to Christ.

The Islamic religious leaders say publicly in Somalia that there is no place for Christianity, Christians and Christian churches. The extremist group Al Shabaab (the main Islamic persecution force in the country) has launched a campaign to “cleanse” the country of the Christian population.

Public executions, beheadings, public strangulation, rape, amputation of limbs in public and flogging are common forms of punishment. In Somalia, Christian parents who get caught teaching their children about Jesus, are executed.

In Christian families, parents are killed and children abducted to become Muslim soldiers. The mere suspicion of sympathy with the Christian faith can mean the death penalty. Christians must hide their faith in order to access basic services, education and justice.

Reasons for prayer: Thank God that despite the great persecutions, He kept a Christian testimony in this country. By being missionaries through prayer we can change this country. Please pray for:

– Leadership of the country.

– The few Christians, often isolated from each other.

– May God strengthen them to stand strong in their faith so that they can change the people around them.

– May God watch over them and help them grow in Christ.

– Freedom for Christians, a free worship

– For a continuous increase in the number of Muslims returning to Christ.

Rev. Ilie U. Tomuta

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