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Genesis Mission is happy to report that we have a new collaborator – the foundation “Bread of Life”- who is actively involved in international projects that spread the gospel by helping the poor. Also, the organization has founded a subsidiary who serves in four different programs, throughout Romania.

We are presenting to our supporters and missionaries a short letter that describes their activities and programs. If you would like to get involved, please contact us at:

Thank you!

Bread of Life International was incorporated in the US as a registered 501c3 non profit in 2001.  The current board directors were all founding members.  Bread of Life partners with Bread of Life Foundation which is a sister organization registered as a non profit in Romania.  The same group of directors who serve on the board of Bread of Life International also serve on the board of Bread of Life Foundation.

 In 2001 Bread of Life renovated an abandoned building to create an orphanage in the small village of Brosteni in northern Romania.  The project was encouraged by the mayor who did not have resources or good options for abandoned children.  Besides providing a Christian home for destitute children the Bread of Life orphanage also provides jobs for local villagers who work as cooks, cleaners, night guards, room mothers, maintenance men, and managers.

Bread of Life has a simple mission: “To spread the gospel by helping the poor.” Currently we have four main programs:
The Bread of Life Orphanage: Bread of Life owns and operates this Christian home for children rescued from poverty or abandonment.Over 60 children find shelter in our Brosteni home.
The Feeding Center Program: By partnering with local churches in poor rural villages we set up and supply Feeding Centers for poor children and families in Jesus’ name. We provide food, clothing, and assist with set up of kitchen and dining facilities. The local churches in turn provide a location for the centers and volunteers to operate them. We have over 51 locations where the poor are fed and clothed.
The Youth Transition Program: As young people come of age they transition from living at the orphanage to supervised life in the capital city of Bucharest. Here they live in apartments  and receive mentoring to take them through their secondary education or job training. At the present we have 21
teens in three apartments that we received to use from christian families.
The Brother’s Keeper Program: There are several ways in which we help the poor of all ages in Romania within this program. The children deliver meals on their bicycles to the elderly and frail near the orphanage. We provide food and other assistance to an isolated leper village. We also distribute coats, shoes, backpacks, and firewood throughout Romania at different times of the year.
Thank you for your interest in the ministry of Bread of Life.   We invite you to visit us soon.  Until you are able to visit I want to share with you the firsthand report of one our regular visitors.  Please read “A Visitors Story” below.  
Alin Panican,
Founder & Operational Manager

A Visitor’s Story

Each time I visited Romania and the ministry of Bread of Life I went with a few questions.  I wanted to see for myself if the work they do among the poor is effective.  Does it help the right people in the right way?  Have they created an overseas welfare system which enables those who won’t help themselves? Is there a good balance of sharing the gospel alongside the material help that is offered?
One of the first things I observed in traveling with Alin, Adi, and the rest of the Bread of Life team is the reality of the poverty in rural Romania.  The isolation, lack of modern development, and poor hygiene all told the same story.  The question that keeps coming to mind is ‘How do they live?’  The Feeding Centers I visited were full of poor children eating.  You cannot enable a child by feeding them one good meal a day because they are not supposed to be self-sufficient.  Help at this level provides some financial relief for their families but hardly creates an environment in which parents can stop working.  The hope is that by providing some food security, parents are less likely to leave their families to look for work in another city or country.  Many who leave never return.  
Children who come to the village churches for the free meals also participate in the children’s Bible story and song program offered there.  As a Sunday School teacher I appreciate how effective this kind of early education and influence is on young minds.
Certainly children are adorable and loveable and we just naturally want to protect them and provide for them.  There is another group of people who need help just as much who might be easier to overlook.  I am speaking, of course, about the elderly and frail.  We are commanded by God to provide for our children and our parents.  Programs within Bread of Life Ministries do just that.  The elderly receive their portion of the food that is donated.  Poor families also receive help through the Family Pack program under the supervision of local church partners who know which families are in true need.
To answer my own question:  Yes, with your help and mine the poor are being helped effectively, compassionately, and in Jesus’ name!

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