ZITO DENIS – 17 Years old

Dear Rev. Ilie Tomuta

 Greetings of Peace!

I am writing to submit an update about the boy Zito. I am glad to say that The Lord has done a miracle for him. He is much, much better these days. He is out of the hospital, since last week and is staying with us to finish his treatment.


Parents got divorce, when Zito was 12. He was doing the 3rd grade and suddenly began to have some problem of boils coming up on his head and he left school because that sickness. The boils on his head became the wounds and very to the point that the family, took Zito to several witch doctors but the situation got worse. Zito became mentally disturbed because of this problem. His father left Zito to die with no help of any sought.                            One of our Pastor, went for the outreach in the area where Zito used to live and found him, isolated from other boys, with a cover on head. Went to check on him and discovered that Zito was sick. Took a pick and sent it to our Pastor’s whatsapp. When I saw the picture, my heart was moved to help.

The Response.                                                                                                                                                  

We sent someone to go and bring him for the treatment where we live. Since the treatment would be expensive we asked Rev. Illie Tomuta and The Genesis Mission, to help Zito. And in a timely manner, we received funds from you.                                                                                                            Zito was admitted in the Central Hospital and went through a very special treatment with some specialist Dr in that particular situation. Several blood test were made, skin test and other exams as well. After 3 months of treatment, last week, Zito was discharged from the hospital. He still has a small part that needs to complete e close up the wound. Zito is staying with at home, we gave him one room to stay and every other day, he does go back to the hospital for clean up and we have paid the nurse for that treatment and as well as the transport going and back.                                                        On behalf of Zito, we want to thank you, The Genesis Mission, Rev. Tomuta and The Philadelphia church in Chicago, for helping receive the best local treatment he needed.                                                                                             

Our prayer for Zito.

1. We would like to see Zito complete his treatment, living near the main hospital in Nampula. 

2.    Next year, we would like to send him to school. He poorly reads and write, s he did only grade

3.  We are praying for provision for Zito to have monthly support for his living. Right now he needs some new clothes, blanket, mattress, food allowance. He also needs to get an ID, he never had one before.

Please, help us to help Zito, get his dignity back. We kindly, request your help with Zito, for him to finish his treatment, food help and schooling next year.

 Pastor Armando Jo

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